Japanese Gods

The gods and goddesses of the Japanese.

Major Deities

These are the major deities of the Japanese pantheon

  1. Amaterasu

    Goddess of the Sun

    Amaterasu is the sun goddess of Japan, the central goddess of Shinto, and the center of Japanese spiritual life. As the mythical ancestor of the Japanese Imperial Family, she forms the basis of their right to rule.

  2. Izanagi

    God of Creation

    Izanagi is one of the first gods of Shinto's cosmology. Together with Izanami, his female counterpart, he created the islands of Japan and populated them with many kami. Though he suffered a great tragedy, he went on to rule the Heavens and later help his daughter Amaterasu ascend to the divine throne.

  3. Tsukuyomi

    God of the Moon

    Tsukuyomi is the Japanese moon god, a proud deity who represents the beauty and power of the moon. He committed an egregious crime in front of his wife Amaterasu, and was forbidden from ever seeing her again.

Minor Deities