Norse Mythology

Norse Gods

The Norse gods and goddesses are the array of deities honored by ancient Nordic worshipers. They primarily came from two different tribes, the Aesir and the Vanir, but were united in their efforts to fight the jötnar, a tribe of giants dwelling in another realm of the world tree Yggdrasil.

Norse Gods Hero

List of Norse Gods

  • Odin

    The “All-Father,” chief of the Norse gods and ruler of the Aesir.

    Odin the “All-Father,” chief of the Norse gods and leader of the powerful Aesir was unmatched in magic, cunning, and battle prowess. Attended by his raven familiars, he sacrificed his own eye in his quest for knowledge.

    Odin, Norse Ruler of the Aesir Gods (3:2)
  • Frigg

    Norse goddess of motherhood and fertility, queen of the Aesir deities.

    Frigg was the Norse goddess of motherhood and fertility, and possibly the namesake of Friday. Wife of Odin, she was the undisputed queen of the gods and best known for her fierce dedication to her children.

    Frigg, Norse Goddess of Fertility (3:2)
  • Thor

    Norse god of thunder and wielder of the magical hammer Mjölnir.

    Thor was the fiercest of Norse deities, god of thunder and lightning and always raring for a fight. Wielding his powerful hammer Mjölnir, he defeated many monsters and jötnar in service of the Aesir.

    Thor, Norse God (3x2)
  • Freya

    Beautiful and seductive Norse goddess of blessings, love, and fertility.

    Freya was the arrestingly beautiful Norse goddess of blessings, love, and fertility. A member of the Vanir tribe known for her skill in divination, she could be both a gentle ruler and a fierce warrior.

    Freya, Norse Goddess of Fertility (3:2)
  • Loki

    Norse trickster god, whose schemes and deceit sowed chaos.

    Loki was the ultimate trickster among the Norse gods, a shapeshifter whose wily deceptions sowed chaos among his people. He survived the fallout of his pranks thanks to his wit and cunning.

    Loki, Norse Trickster God (3:2)
  • Baldur

    “Shining” Norse god known for his beauty, wisdom, and fairness.

    “Shining Baldur” was a Norse god of the Aesir tribe of unparalleled beauty and wisdom who settled the feuds of men and gods. His death as a result of Loki’s trickery is one of the central stories of Norse mythology.

    Baldur, Norse God of Light
  • Heimdall

    Watchful Norse god who guarded Asgard from enemy invasion.

    Heimdall was the divine sentinel of the Norse pantheon. His keen eyesight and hearing made him the perfect guardian of the Bifrost, the rainbow bridge connecting Asgard to the human realm.

    Heimdall, Norse Guardian of Asgard (3:2)
  • Idun

    Norse goddess of youth and fertility whose magic apples rejuvenated the gods.

    Idun, keeper of the apples of immortality, was the enchanting Norse goddess of youthfulness and fertility. When she was stolen away by a giant, the gods began to wither and age without her magical harvest.

    Idun, Norse Goddess of Youth (3:2)
  • Freyr

    Norse god of peace and prosperity, associated with virility and fair weather.

    Freyr was the Norse god of peace and prosperity, celebrated at weddings and harvest feasts. One of the Vanir, he was originally brought to Asgard as a hostage, but earned his place in the pantheon through charm and goodwill.

    Freyr, Norse God of Peace (3:2)
  • Nerthus

    Mysterious Norse goddess known as the bringer of peace and prosperity

    Nerthus was a mysterious Norse goddess worshipped across Scandinavia and the Germanic territories. Rarely described, her only known ritual was a procession where, upon seeing her sacred cloth, people would put aside their conflicts and embrace.

    Nerthus, Norse Goddess (3x2)
  • Tyr

    One-armed Norse god of war who championed order and justice.

    Tyr was the Norse god of war and bloodshed, also renowned as a bringer of order and justice. He was best known for sacrificing his arm to Fenrir so that the gods could trap the giant wolf.

  • Njord

    Norse god of the wind and waters, patriarch of the Vanir tribe of deities.

    Ruler of the Vanir tribe of Norse gods, Njord led his people in battle against the Aesir. The patron of seafarers and father of Freyr and Freya, he was one of the only gods predicted to survive Ragnarök.

    Njord, Norse God of the Sea (3:2)