Mythology is everywhere—etched into contemporary culture from popular media to modern world views. The mission of Mythopedia is to elevate our understanding of these stories foundational to civilizations past, present and future.

To that end we’re building the world’s authoritative, online mythology resource, providing engaging, accessible content that is both educational and compelling to read. After all, mythology is storytelling at its finest.

Our Goals

The goals of Mythopedia are threefold: to enable discovery, to promote learning, and to advance research.

  • Enable Discovery
    By creating free, high-quality resources available to all we hope to inspire everyone to explore mythologies of the ancient world.

  • Promote Learning
    By developing content that is enjoyable to read and educational in value we seek to engage visitors and assist educators and institutions.

  • Advance Research
    By combining original, in-depth articles alongside a library of ancient texts we offer a powerful research platform for students and scholars alike.

Our Team

Our team is made up of experts, scholars and researchers with backgrounds in ancient history, comparative mythology, religious studies, and related disciplines, united by a penchant for mythology, research and superlative writing. Interested in writing for us? Learn more about contributing to Mythopedia.

Our Process

  • Research—true to our mission, every article and topic begins with detailed research, online and off.

  • Writing—our team of writers craft the articles according to preset rubrics, outlines and style guides.

  • Editing—every article is subjected to a rigorous editing process with special attention to grammar, style and flow.

  • Visuals—our art director carefully selects images to accompany the article, including captions and citations.

  • Publication—the article goes live! We publish new work frequently, and are always looking for outstanding writers to join the team.