Getting in Touch

If you’d like to contribute original work to one of the mythology sections (or propose one that does not yet exist) please include 2–3 references to written works (URLs are fine as long as you’re listed as the author) along with a resume or relevant experience/education in your message or email.

Ideal Candidate

With our mission to provide engaging, accessible content that is of an academic standard, we generally prefer candidates with a Master’s degree or above in a related field such as: classics, ancient history, mythology, religious, museum and curatorial studies.

Impeccable prose, attention to detail, and well-honed research skills are a must, as you’ll be tasked with developing articles that are enlightening and enjoyable at the same time, backed by primary, and at times, secondary, sources.

Call for Writers

We’re actively looking for writers with experience and education in these following areas:

  1. Japanese mythology, specifically Yokai

  2. Norse mythology

  3. African mythologies

  4. Chinese mythology

Common Questions

  • Where are you based?
    We’re fully distributed, primarily in the United States, and open to working anyone, anywhere, provided you’re fluent in English.

  • How much do you pay?
    We pay an hourly rate commensurate with experience—send us an email if you’d like to learn more or have questions.

  • What is your workflow?
    We use email and platforms like Upwork for general communication, and Google Docs commenting system for editing and feedback.