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Active Contributors


Alison Howard

Alison received her PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of Pennsylvania in 2017, where her research focused on modern adaptations of Greek and Roman mythology. After teaching undergraduate writing courses for three years, she transitioned to full-time editing, covering everything from academic monographs on Shakespeare to blog posts on hair straighteners. She enjoys streamlining prose, making scholarship more accessible to non-specialists, and (against all odds) formatting bibliographies. When not busy poring over the Chicago Manual of Style, Alison can be found listening to podcasts, dreaming up screenplays, and struggling to master her culinary nemesis: bread.

Cath Lauria

Cath Lauria is a Colorado girl who loves snow and sunshine. She’s traveled much of the world, first as an army brat, then as a Peace Corps volunteer stationed in Africa with her husband. She’s worked as an editor for both professional publishers and indie authors since 2015, going full-time with it in 2017 after her daughter was born. She writes award-winning fiction for a wide variety of imprints, including Entangled Publishing and Marvel Entertainment. Cath recently completed her MFA in Creative Writing from Regis University, and has promised herself she’s done with higher education, thank you very much.


Avi Kapach

Avi Kapach spent most of his life in the suburbs of Providence, RI. His family hails from the Middle East but he is in fact predominantly Italian by descent (at least according to After spending primary and secondary school at yeshiva, Avi went on to study Classics at Cornell and subsequently at Brown, from which he received his PhD in 2021. Avi's research and interest areas are diverse and include mythology (obviously), classical literature, philosophy, and a number of things in between. In his spare time, Avi enjoys writing, drawing, and weightlifting.

Michael Butcher

Michael’s research centers on the translation and interpretation of ancient Buddhist manuscripts from Gandhāra, corresponding to parts of modern Pakistan and Afghanistan. Written on scrolls of birch bark in the Gāndhārī language from the first and second centuries CE, these manuscripts remain some of the oldest surviving Indian documents to date. His current project is a translation and edition of one such Gāndhārī manuscript, the earliest discovered Buddhist text detailing the harmful effects of anger and negative emotions. He also serves as a freelance editor of academic manuscripts related to Hinduism and Buddhism.

Anne Williams

Anne Williams holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Celtic Studies with First Class honors from St. Francis Xavier University, where she completed a comparative literature dissertation on gender roles in Celtic and Norse mythologies. Anne went on to study medieval Irish literature and language at the Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic Studies Department of the University of Cambridge, culminating in the completion of a dissertation on medieval onomastic texts of Ireland (also known as "Dindshenchas"), with First Class standing. Though she went on to study archival science and now works as archivist, Anne is very pleased to be able to write about Celtic mythology for Mythopedia.

Past Contributors

Thomas Apel

Thomas is a historian of science and religion who got his PhD from Georgetown University in 2012. Besides writing about mythology, he has published numerous articles, as well as a book called Feverish Bodies, Enlightened Minds: Science and the Yellow Fever Controversy in the Early American Republic (Stanford University Press, 2016). He lives and works as a freelance writer in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Mae Hamilton

Mae Hamilton is a freelance journalist with a B.A. in English Language and Literature from the University of Texas at Austin.

Evan Meehan

Evan Meehan is a freelance writer, researcher, and historian with an M.A. in History from Georgia State University.

Gregory Wright

Gregory Wright is a writer and historian with an M.A. in East Asian Studies from the University of Texas at Austin.