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Egyptian Gods

Discover the gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt and the classic stories that accompany them, including tales of the sun god Ra, Osiris, Isis and more.

Major Deities

  • Ra

    Creator deity and god of the sun, Ra was a pivotal figure in the Egyptian mythos. Created at the dawn of time, he held great power which others occasionally tried to seize. Throughout countless dynasties, Ra was a constant figure of worship whose role shifted as newer gods were incorporated into the state religion.

  • Isis

    Isis was the granddaughter of Ra, wife of Osiris, and mother of Horus. While she was best known as a powerful sorceress and healer, she was also a fiercely protective mother and loyal wife. Her cult was widespread throughout the Mediterranean.

  • Osiris

    Osiris, the “Mighty One,” ruled over the Egyptian underworld. Prior to his death, he was a great king who brought agriculture and civilized behavior to the Egyptians. Upon his death, Osiris became the judge of the afterlife.

  • Anubis

    The jackal-headed god Anubis was one of the first Egyptian gods of the dead. As Osiris became more popular, Anubis shifted roles and became the god of mummification.

  • Set

    Set was an Egyptian trickster god who killed Osiris, raped Isis, and deprived Horus of his throne. Despite these sins, he later played a key role in Egyptian cosmology, protecting Ra from the forces of chaos.

  • Nephthys

    Nephthys was the sister of Isis and a vital member of the Egyptian pantheon. While she never garnered the acclaim bestowed upon her sister, Nephthys still left her mark on Egyptian mythology. Namely, she seduced Osiris, birthed Anubis, and served as a key figure in Egyptian funeral rites.