Japanese Mythology


Japanese Mythology

Explore the gods, goddesses, myths, creatures and cosmology of ancient Shinto society.

Goddess of the Sun


Amaterasu (天照) is the Japanese sun goddess, daughter of creator deities Izanagi and Izanami, and central to the Shinto religion. It is from her the Japanese nobility claims descent and their divine right to rule.

Goddess of Foxes


Inari (稲荷) is the Japanese kami of prosperity, rice, and tea, and protector of foxes. A complex deity widely worshiped throughout Japan, Inari is variously portrayed as male, female and androgynous.

God of the Moon


Tsukuyomi is the Japanese god of the moon. A proud but violent deity, he yearns to see his beloved Amaterasu’s face once more.

God of Storms


The Japanese god of sea and storms, Susanoo is a chaotic, stubborn soul who wielded the Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi and slew the dragon Orochi.

Japanese Gods and Goddesses

Explore the Japanese pantheon and rediscover the ancient Shinto and Buddhist gods including Amaterasu, Izanagi, Susanoo, Tsukuyomi, Ebisu, Raijin and more.

God of Creation


Izanagi is the father of the Japanese kami, creator of the islands of Japan, and father to Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, Susanoo, and countless other gods.

God of the Wind


Fujin (風神) is the Japanese god of the wind, a popular and terrifying demon. His bag of air moves all the world’s winds, and he is a powerful force of nature alongside his brother, the thunder god Raijin.

God of Thunder


Raijin (雷神) is the Japanese god of thunder, lightning, and storms. Often appearing alongside his brother, Fujin, the god of the wind, Raijin brings vital rains and leaves a wake of chaos and destruction.

God of Fishermen


One of the Seven Lucky Gods, Ebisu is the kami of luck and prosperity. With his grand smile and a boisterous laugh, he represents the abundance of the sea.