Chinese Mythology


Chinese Mythology

Explore the gods, goddesses, cosmology, creatures and myths of ancient China.

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The Monkey King

Sun Wukong

Sun Wukong (孫悟空), known as the Monkey King, is a Chinese trickster god. He plays a central role in the 16th-century novel Journey to the West, achieving enlightenment as Tang Sanzang’s disciple.

Ruler of Heaven

Jade Emperor

The Jade Emperor (玉皇) is one of Chinese mythology’s most important and popular deities. He is considered to be the ruler of heaven, one of the highest ranking gods, and the very first of the Chinese emperors.

Goddess of the Moon


Chang’e (嫦娥) is the Chinese goddess of the moon, best known for stealing an elixir of immortality from her husband, Hou Yi. Her story is celebrated as part of the annual Mid-Autumn Festival.

Protection Deity


Nezha (哪吒) is a teenage protective deity in Chinese mythology with a rebellious streak who protects teenagers and professional drivers.

Chinese Gods and Goddesses

Discover the ancient gods and goddesses of China, from creation deities Pangu, Nuwa, and Fuxi, to legends like Sun Wukong, Chang’e, Hou Yi, and the Jade Emperor.

Creator of Mankind


In Chinese mythology, Nüwa (女媧), also known as Empress Wa, is the creator of all mankind and both sister and wife of the hero Fuxi (伏羲). She is most well-known for her role in the creation myth and for repairing the Pillars of Heaven.

Creator of the World


Pangu (盤古) is an ancient Chinese deity considered to be the first living being and creator of the world. Emerging from an egg containing the entire cosmos, his birth released the universe.

The First Human


Fuxi (伏羲), is considered one of humanity’s original ancestors in Chinese mythology, as well as China's first hero and one of the most powerful gods. He is responsible for the invention of the writing system, fishing, and the domestication of animals.

Goddess of Mercy


In Chinese mythology, Guanyin (觀音) is a popular deity who is an all-seeing, all-hearing immortal being and the goddess of mercy.