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Ancient Greek mythology contained a small pantheon of gods associated with death and the Underworld. Their ruler was Hades, elder brother of Zeus and Poseidon, who lent his own name to the Underworld (the Greeks often called it simply “Hades”).

In addition to Hades, the Underworld housed several other deities, both revered and dreaded by the ancients. These included Hades’ queen, Persephone; Charon, the ferryman of the dead; the Erinyes, who mercilessly punished sinners; and the Moirae, who ensured that every mortal lived out his life according to his fate.

In ancient Greek religion, the Underworld gods were classed among the “chthonic” gods. Unlike the Olympians, who were associated with the heavens, the chthonic gods were connected with the earth and everything that lurked beneath it. Accordingly, the two categories of deities were worshipped quite differently. For example, while the Olympians regularly received white sacrificial victims, the chthonic gods received black ones.

List of Greek Underworld Gods

  • Erinyes (Furies)

    The “Furies”—dogged avengers of criminals and sinners

  • Hades

    Pitiless Greek god of the dead and ruler of the Underworld

    Hades, Greek God of the Underworld (3:2)
  • Hecate

    Goddess of magic and witchcraft; associated with the dark Underworld

  • Moirae (Fates)

    The “Fates,” who ensured that every human life ran its allotted course

  • Persephone

    Reluctant bride of Hades and sullen queen of the Greek Underworld

  • Thanatos

    Personification of “death” and the ultimate enemy of all mortals

  • Hypnos

    Brother of Thanatos and personification of “sleep”

  • Acheron

    The “river of woe,” one of the entrances to the Underworld

  • Styx

    An Oceanid and the goddess of one of the rivers of the Underworld