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The primordial gods were the first beings to emerge after the creation of the cosmos. Unlike the Titans and Olympians, the primordial gods were not generally anthropomorphic—that is, they did not have the physical appearance and qualities of human beings. Many of them were personifications of elements or natural forces—most notably, Gaia (earth) and her consort Uranus (sky).

Together, Gaia and Uranus gave birth to many key deities and creatures of Greek mythology. For example, they were the parents of the Titans, who overthrew Uranus and became the rulers of the cosmos (until they, in turn, were usurped by the Olympians).

The primordial gods, having ceded their power to their descendants, were not widely worshiped in ancient Greece. However, Gaia was seen as the mother of creation. The most significant of the primordial beings, she was worshiped as one of the “chthonic” gods, a special class of deities associated with the earth, death, and the Underworld. The chthonic gods were honored through special rituals, such as nocturnal sacrifice or holocaust sacrifice (that is, a sacrifice in which the victim is completely burned rather than cooked and eaten).

List of Greek Primordial Gods

  • Aether

    Personification of the bright upper air and the consort of Hemera

  • Chaos

    The “abyss”—the original Greek entity of creation

  • Erebus

    Greek personification of darkness and consort of Nyx

  • Eros

    “Passion” or “love” personified and one of the first beings of Greek mythology

  • Gaia

    First deity in all of Greek mythology; associated with agriculture and fertility

    Gaia, Greek Titan (3x2)
  • Nyx

    Embodiment of night and consort of Erebus

  • Ourea

    The “mountains” personified, born to Gaia at the dawn of creation

  • Pontus

    Greek primordial deity and briny personification of the sea

  • Tartarus

    One of the first beings in existence, embodying the dark Underworld

  • Uranus

    Father of the Titans and primordial Greek deity who embodied the sky