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Di Jun

Di Jun (帝俊) is an ancient Chinese emperor who married both the sun and moon goddesses. When the ten suns scorched the earth, he gave the legendary archer Hou Yi arrows to shoot them down.

By Mae HamiltonLast updated on Nov. 22nd, 2021
  • Why did Di Jun help to kill his children?

    Although the ten suns were Di Jun’s beloved children, he gave Hou Yi the arrows to shoot them down so that they wouldn’t destroy the earth.

  • Who was Di Jun’s most famous descendant?

    Apart from the single remaining sun, Di Jun had numerous creative descendants, one of whom invented the lute and zither.

In Chinese mythology, Di Jun (帝俊) is an ancient Chinese Emperor. He is the father of the ten Suns that almost destroyed the Earth. Di Jun’s name is composed of the character for "emperor", dì (帝), and the word for "handsome", jùn (俊). He is married to the sun goddess, Xihe (羲和), and the moon goddess, Changxi (常羲).


In ancient times, there were actually ten Suns in the sky. They were fathered by Di Jun with his first wife, Xihe. The Suns were instructed to take turns appearing in the sky, so that the Earth wouldn’t burn from their collective heat.

However, since the Suns were just children, they decided that it would be fun to go out and play all at the same time, which threw the Earth into immediate chaos. Forests burned, famine ensued, and even the ground began to scorch. The skilled archer, Hou Yi (后羿) decided to take matters into his own hands and set out to shoot down nine of the ten Suns. Di Jun, distraught with what his children had done, even supplied Hou Yi the arrows that would kill the Suns.

Family Tree

  • Consorts
  • Children
    • Ten Suns
    • Twelve Moons

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