Gods/Culture Heroes



The Dactyls were gods or culture heroes of obscure origins. They were smiths and magicians whose number, depending on the source, varied between five and more than fifty. They were connected with Mount Ida in either Crete or Phrygia and were often associated with Rhea, Cybele, or with similar divine guilds such as the Corybantes.

Were the Dactyls gods?

The Dactyls were obscure figures of Greek mythology usually invoked as deities. They were associated with smithing and magic.

How many Dactyls were there?

Depending on the source, the Dactyls could be five or ten in number or even much more (in one source, they were as many as fifty-two).

Where did the Dactyls live?

The Dactyls were usually said to live on Mount Ida (hence “Idaean Dactyls”), though sources did not agree as to whether they lived on the Mount Ida on Crete or the Mount Ida in Phrygia.