Chinese Goddess


Changxi (常羲) is a lunar goddess in Chinese mythology. She is the mother of the twelve moons, which can either be taken literally or to mean she originated the twelve calendar months of the year.

Top Questions

  • Who is Changxi married to?

    Changxi is the second wife of Emperor Di Jun, who is also married to the solar goddess Xihe, mother of the ten suns.

  • Are Changxi and Chang’e the same goddess?

    While Changxi’s myth is older than any mention of Chang’e, some scholars think they originated from the same ancient Chinese lunar goddess.


In Chinese mythology, Changxi (常羲) is an ancient lunar goddess who is the second wife of Di Jun (帝俊). She is the mother of twelve moons, including the Earth’s Moon. Her myth can be taken literally or interpreted to mean that she gave birth to the twelve calendar months of the year.


Because their names are so similar, she is often confused with the other Chinese moon goddess, Chang’e (嫦娥), even though Changxi’s myth actually predates any mention of Chang’e. But, it’s believed that their legends may have originated from the same primitive Chinese lunar goddess.

Changxi is first mentioned in the Shān Hǎi Jīng (山海經) or The Classic of Mountains and Seas briefly in one line: “Di Jun married Changxi, and she gave birth to twelve moons.”

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