Greek Personification


Boreas and the Fallen Leaves by Evelyn De Morgan

Boreas and the Fallen Leaves by Evelyn De Morgan (1910–1914)

The De Morgan CollectionPublic Domain


Boreas, son of Astraeus and his wife Eos, was both the north wind itself and the god of that wind. He was thought to embody the violent nature of the north wind, which brought icy, wintry blasts from Thrace down to Greece. Boreas was also closely associated with horses.

Probably the most famous of Boreas’ myths involved the god’s abduction of the Athenian princess Orithyia, whom he swept away to his home in Thrace. Orithyia bore him several children, including the winged heroes Calais and Zetes (also known as the Boreads).

Boreas was especially popular among the Athenians, who regarded the god as their relative and protector. He often featured in ancient art, especially Attic vase paintings, where he was usually depicted as winged, bearded, and shaggy-haired.[1]