Táin Bó Cúailnge

5. The Route of the Táin

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    • Joseph Dunn

and the Beginning of the Expedition and the Names of the Roads which the hosts of the four of the five grand provinces of Erin took into the land of Ulster. On Monday after Summer’s end they set forth and proceeded:

South-east from Cruachan Ai, by Mag Cruimm,
over Tuaim Mona (‘the Hill of Turf’),
by Turloch Teora Crich (‘the Creek of three Lands’),
by Cul (‘the Nook’) of Silinne,
by Dubloch (‘Black Lough’),
by Fid Dubh (‘Black Woods’),
by Badbgna,
by Coltain,
by the Shannon,
by Glune Gabur,

by Mag Trega,
by Tethba in the north,
by Tethba in the south,
by Cul (‘the Nook’),
by Ochain,
northwards by Uatu,
eastwards by Tiarthechta,
by Ord (‘the Hammer’),
by Slaiss (‘the Strokes’), southwards,
by Indeoin (‘the Anvil’),

by Carn,
by Meath,
by Ortrach,
by Findglassa Assail, (‘White Stream of Assail’),
by Drong,
by Delt,
by Duelt,
by Delinn,
by Selaig,
by Slabra,

by Slechta, where swords hewed out roads before Medb and Ailill,
by Cul (‘the Nook’) of Siblinne,
by Dub (‘the Blackwater’),
by Ochonn southwards,
by Catha,
by Cromma southwards,
by Tromma,
eastwards by Fodromma,
by Slane,
by Gort Slane,

to the south of Druim Licce,
by Ath Gabla,
by Ardachad (‘Highfield’),
northwards by Feorainn,
by Finnabair (‘White Plain’),
by Assa southwards,
by Airne,
by Aurthuile,
by Druim Salfind (‘Salfind Ridge’),
by Druim Cain,

by Druim Caimthechta,
by Druim macDega,
by the little Eo Dond (‘Brown Tree’),
by the great Eo Dond,
by Meide in Togmaill (‘Ferret's Neck’),
by Meide in Eoin, (‘Bird's Neck’),
by Baille (‘the Town’),
by Aile,
by Dall Scena,
by Ball Scena,

by Ross Mor (‘Great Point’),
by Scuap (‘the Broom’),
by Imscuap,
by Cenn Ferna,
by Anmag,
by Fid Mor (‘Great Wood’) in Crannach of Cualnge,
by Colbtha,
by Crond in Cualnge,
by Druim Cain on the road to Midluachar,
from Finnabair of Cualnge.

It is at that point that the hosts of Erin divided over the province in pursuit of the bull. For it was by way of those places they went until they reached Finnabair. Here endeth the Title. The Story begineth in order.